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Billionaire Boys Club Logo

Billionaire Boys Club logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Billionaire Boys Club Logo PNG Born out of collaboration between two talented people ‒ the musician, rapper and fashion designer Pharrell Williams from the United States and the fashion designer, DJ and producer Nigo from Japan ‒ the clothing retailer Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream offers a wide range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, hats and other apparel.
  • Though the items with the BBC’s logo are available in limited quantities, the brand is well-known to lovers of streetwear style.
  • Meaning and history Pharrell Williams and Nigo set up Billionaire Boys Club in 2005.
  • As the founders explain the brand was inspired by the belief that “education is one of the biggest gifts in life, and learning and discovering things should be striven for”.
  • By using the word “billionaire” they didn’t mean to show superiority or privilege but to stir up inquisitiveness in people.
  • The brand has been using the same logo since its establishment.
  • The emblem designed by SK8THING (who has also created numerous labels including BAPE, Neighborhood and Undercover) consists of the image of an astronaut (or rather his head wearing a helmet) and the wordmark which is the brand’s name.
  • Symbol Interpretation The BBC’s space-themed logo reflects Pharrell’s fascination with space cultivated through the American show “In Search of”.
  • Besides the astronaut, there is another hint to the space theme.
  • Each letter in the wordmark is smaller in size than the previous one, which makes an impression as if the words are moving in a circle, like orbiting.
  • Alternatively, the standing astronaut graphic symbol can be used.
  • Font The bold sans serif uppercase typeface is customized to the level of uniqueness.
  • The letters are slightly slanted and stylized adding to the logo’s elegant look and futuristic design.
  • When it is placed on clothes, it comes in a wide range of colors usually contrasting with the main color of the item.

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