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Bbt Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG BB&T Logo PNG BB&T is the former name of Truist Financial Corporation, which is one of the large American banks.
  • Meaning and history The former bank’s name, BB&T, was an abbreviation for Branch Banking and Trust Company.
  • The wordmark was executed in a classic and bold Times New Roman, which is one of the most well-known serif fonts.
  • The color palette of the BB&T logo was burgundy and white, where the composition offer alternated — lettering could be a white of burgundy placed on burgundy or white background respectively.
  • After the brand’s name change, the visual identity was completely redesigned.
  • Now the Truist logo is composed of a sleek modern wordmark in a sans-serif typeface.
  • It is written in all capital letters and accompanied by an emblem on its right.
  • The emblem represents a square with rounded angles and two horizontal letters “T” coming out of the sidebars to the center.

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