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Arctic Monkeys Logo

Arctic Monkeys logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Arctic Monkeys Logo PNG Arctic Monkeys are a rock band created in Sheffield, the UK, in 2002.
  • They have won seven Brit Awards (as of 2020).
  • Meaning and history 2005 In the fall of 2015, the band finished recording their first album.
  • The album cover showcased the name of the band in a playful, creative type.
  • The letters on the original Arctic Monkeys logo were hand-written and resembled wild plants that had grown in an abandoned garden.
  • 2007 The cover of the album Favourite Worst Nightmare showcased a dramatically different wordmark.
  • Also, there was something in this logo that made it more meaningful, in comparison with its predecessor.
  • You can feel its “iciness” – the glyphs could have been the pieces of a broken ice floe.
  • The “icy” theme echoes the word “Arctic” in the name of the band.
  • This time, the glyphs looked as if they were formed by frozen water.
  • This electrifying visual brand identity was first introduced on the cover of the band’s third album, Humbug.
  • Each of the glyphs here had a different height.
  • The weight and shape of the letters are also somewhat similar.
  • 2013 In addition to the wordmark, the band also used a graphic logo featuring a rounded zigzag shape.

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