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American Cancer Society Logo
  • Download PNG American Cancer Society Logo PNG American Cancer Society is an organization helping in cancer research and elimination.
  • It was established in 1913 and today has its offices all over the country.
  • The Society helped in funding of more than 40 Nobel Laureate researches.
  • Meaning and history 1945 – 1994 The original American Cancer Society logo was introduced in 1945 and featured a modern and strong composition of the three-leveled logotype and an emblem, placed on its left.
  • The emblem boasted an image of the vertically placed sword with two snakes intertwined around its handle.
  • As for the inscription, set in the uppercase, it was executed in a custom contemporary sans-serif typeface with some lines of the letters connected to each other.
  • 1994 – Today The American Cancer Society’s visual identity is strong and recognizable.
  • It is composed of a geometrical background with an emblem in its left part and a wordmark in the right one.
  • The trapezoid of the logo is split into two parts — the vertical rectangle, colored red and featuring an iconic emblem in it, and the bright blue trapezoid, with its left bar sharing with the rectangle.
  • The wordmark is placed on a blue background and is written in a modern and bold sans-serif typeface.
  • The contrast of white lettering on a bright blue makes the logo stand out and shows the American Cancer Society as a professional and trustworthy organization.
  • The famous Society’s emblem is a “Sword of Hope”, which became the organization’s symbol in 1928 and is still the main part of its visual identity.
  • The Sword symbolizes a willingness to fight the world’s most terrible disease, as well as the power and energy of the American Cancer Society.
  • The grip of the sword is formed by two twined serpents, which represent the medical nature of the organization.

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