Inspiration – Ally Financial Ally Bank Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Ally Financial Ally Bank Logo
  • Download PNG Ally Financial Logo PNG While the Ally Financial logo contains nothing but the name of the brand, in fact, there is a deep meaning behind it.
  • This simple wordmark reflects the bank’s core values.
  • Meaning and history 2001 – 2009 The logo, designed in 2001 was pretty modest and simple.
  • It was an uppercase GMAC lettering in a smooth yet massive serif typeface with rounded angles and slightly softened contours of the letters.
  • It was not just the new name but a new brand identity with a different message.
  • You can notice it in the television spots comprising Ally’s debut campaign (they were produced by BBH New York).
  • Here, you could see children experiencing problems because of the draconian behavior of regular banks.
  • It promised transparency and clarity.
  • “Straightforward” was the key word used in advertising.
  • Font The brand identity of the bank heavily relies on the Benton Sans font.
  • It has been consistently used across all media, from print and outdoor ads to web to mobile.
  • We should point out, though, that the Ally Financial logo is an exception to this rule and does not use the Benton Sans type.
  • The wordmark is a custom artwork, which is especially obvious in the case of the “a.” Colors The signature plum color is an essential part of the company’s brand identity.
  • It is used not only in the Ally Bank logo but also across its website, advertising, etc.

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