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Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

Alabama Crimson Tide logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Alabama Crimson Tide Logo PNG The varsity teams playing under the name of the Alabama Crimson Tide represent the University of Alabama.
  • Although the teams have had a number of logos during their more than 45-year history, many of the emblems return, in one form or another, to the core visual elements: a depiction of an elephant and a capital “A.” Meaning and history The secondary emblems used by the teams in 1974-2000 looked exactly as the primary one, except for the lettering on the white banner.
  • The roundel having the status of the primary logo now, used to be a secondary logo in 2001-2003, while the aggressive elephant, which was the primary emblem in 2001-2003, got the status of the secondary logo in 2004.
  • For instance, the elephant, which was the visual center of the logo, didn’t represent any of the qualities that are supposed to give a team better chance for a victory.
  • To make matters worse, the elephant’s foot was placed over a football with the lettering “Crimson Tide” on it.
  • Either for these, or for some other reasons, the logo didn’t survive long.
  • 1974 — 2000 For more than 25 years, from 1974 to 2000, the Alabama Crimson Tide logo depicted an elephant busting out of an “A.” The lettering “Crimson Tide” in red was placed below, on a white banner.
  • The color scheme was completely new, in comparison with the previous version of the logo.
  • 2001 — 2003 The logo introduced in 2001 has been the only one that looked aggressive.
  • Right under the trunk, the lettering “Alabama” in red with a white frame was placed, while the text “Crimson Tide” in white was positioned below.
  • The font used for the lettering was different from the previous one, which could be clearly seen when comparing the “A” on both the logotypes.
  • 2004 — Today The Alabama Crimson Tide logo is built around a crimson capital “A” over the white background.
  • Font The typeface in which the lettering “Alabama Crimson Tide” is given looks very much like the City Bold published by Berthold or Square Slabserif 711 created by Bitstream.
  • The script “A” doesn’t belong to any of the existing fonts.

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