Inspiration – Air Liquide Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Air Liquide Logo

Air Liquide Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • During the last two decades of its history, the Air Liquide logo has preserved its main characteristics: the palette, the structure, and the name of the brand.
  • Yet, it hasn’t stayed the same in every detail.
  • 1991 — 2017 The oldest version on the list features two boxes: a smaller solid blue square and a large white rectangle with a thin blue border.
  • Inside the square, there is an emblem in white.
  • You can describe it either as a stylized “AL” (the initials of the brand’s name) or part of the equipment used by Air Liquide in its work.
  • The letters are red and form the most eye-catching part of the design.
  • 2017 — present The emblem has grown cleaner and smoother.
  • Instead of the lettering “AL” there is a sign that the company describes as the “Alfa.” According to a post on the corporate website, the sign “stands for the beginning of a new phase” and “marks a new milestone in the Group’s history.” The “Alfa” has a rather generic shape – it is basically a blue drop housing a white drop turned upside down.
  • Font Similar to the 1991 logo, the version introduced in 2017 features a sans serif typeface.
  • The thickness of the strokes is pretty much the same.
  • However, the type looks different.
  • It has a more unique “A,” too, with the smoother, rounded top.
  • Colors The Air Liquide logo combines a rather saturated shade of blue (as the symbol of the gas) with red (which makes the design more vivid and eye-catching).
  • According to the press release, the type is a custom one.

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