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Acer Logo

Acer logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • WWW Download PNG Acer Logo PNG Acer Inc. is a world famous Taiwanese electronics company founded in 1976 by Stan Shih with his wife and their partners.
  • Nowadays it has become one of the main hardware innovators and largest electronic producers throughout the world.
  • Meaning and history The Acer visual identity design has always been pretty laconic and minimalist.
  • 1976 — 1983 The original logo for Multitech, designed in 1976, was a graphical representation of diversity and multitasking.
  • The monochrome palette made the logo look strong and stood for professionalism and technological segment of the brand.
  • 1983 — 1987 The redesign of 1983 switched the color palette of the logo to blue and white and completely changed the composition, making the new emblem formed up by a futuristic logotype and an enlarged geometric emblem above it.
  • As for the emblem, it was an abstract image resembling a heart, with its bottom line flat.
  • 1987 — 2001 In 1987 the company gets a new name, Acer, and a new logo, which was available in two color variations — purple and burgundy and monochrome.
  • The logo was composed of two parts — a large bold logotype in an italicized sans-serif typeface, and a geometric emblem, featuring an arrow-like shape on the left and a small rhombus on the right.
  • This visual identity design stayed unchanged for almost 15 years.
  • 2001 — 2011 The redesign of 2001 brought a simpler and neater version of the Acer logo.
  • 2011 — Today The Acer logo was redesigned again in 2011.
  • The lowercase logotype gained both a new palette and style, by switching the typeface of the lowercase letters to a stricter and bolder ibex and the dark green shade to its light and bright versions the new typeface resembled the shapes of the letters in the previous logo version, but made them thicker and more rounded, though the mood and character of the emblem became stronger and progressive.
  • On the one hand – boundless energy, and on the other – an overwhelming calm.

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