Inspiration – Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo

Abilene Christian Wildcats logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo PNG Let’s see how the logo of the Abilene Christian Wildcats has evolved during the last two of decades.
  • Meaning and history 1997 – 2013 The previous Abilene Christian Wildcats logo, which was adopted in 1997, featured a gold wildcat with black spots.
  • The creature was facing forward and stretching its paws forward, too.
  • Its mouth was open showing sharp fangs.
  • Below the wildcat, the lettering “ACU” could be seen.
  • The letters weren’t written in a single line but were positioned diagonally.
  • 2013 – Today The current logo, which was unveiled in 2013, is similar in its structure, yet both the letters and the wildcat have been redrawn in a completely different style.
  • The previous wildcat was trying hard to look aggressive, yet if we compare it with the current one, we will see which of them has more temperament.
  • The updated logo is also better legible as the letters almost don’t overlap like on the previous one.
  • The sharp angles on the glyphs and the simpler palette make the Abilene Christian Wildcats logo even more stylish.
  • Abilene Christian Wildcats football The history of the university’s football team started in 1919.
  • Today, the team belongs to the Southland Conference and plays its home games at the Anthony Field at Wildcat Stadium.
  • In 2017, Adam Dorrel became the head coach.
  • Abilene Christian Wildcats Colors PURPLE PANTONE: 3555 C HEX COLOR: #4F2170; RGB: (79, 33, 112) CMYK: (84, 100, 23, 11) WHITE PANTONE: P 1-1 C HEX COLOR: #FFFFFF; RGB: (255, 255, 255) CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0) GRAY PANTONE: 420 C HEX COLOR: #C5C6C8; RGB: (197, 198, 200) CMYK: (22, 17, 17, 0)

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