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24 Hour Fitness Logo

24 Hour Fitness Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG 24 Hour Fitness Logo PNG The fitness center chain 24 Hour Fitness is headquartered in San Ramon, California.
  • However, as of March 2021, there already were only 280 clubs in 11 states, according to the brand’s corporate website.
  • Its founder was Mark Mastrov.
  • 1983 — now The 24 Hour Fitness logo is dynamic, with smooth and streamlined shapes, which perfectly fits an organization working in sports.
  • The emblem is a red ellipse housing the lettering “24 hour” in white.
  • There is a blue trim.
  • The ellipse is slightly tilted to the right and looks as if it was a “moving” version of a circle.
  • Alternative version Here, the shapes remain the same, while the palette only includes blue and white.
  • The name of the brand and the emblem are given in white.
  • This version better works on darker surfaces.
  • Font The all-caps sans serif type looks minimalist due to the softened angles and the disappearance of some of the classic elements of the letters (for instance, the top left “tails” on the “N’s”).
  • The fact that the letters are italicized adds implied motion and makes the letters better fit the tilted ellipse on the emblem.
  • Colors The combination of blue and red with white background used on the main 24 Hour Fitness logo is rather popular.
  • Because these colors are part of the National Flag of the US, they are also often used by various American organizations connected with the state or those who want to emphasize they’re patriotic.

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