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21st Century Insurance Logo

21st Century Insurance logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG 21st Century Insurance Logo PNG 21st Century Insurance is a brand of Farmers Insurance Group, which specializes in vehicle insurance services.
  • The firm was established in 1958 in Los Angeles and serves customers all over the United States through its numerous operating offices nationwide.
  • Meaning and history The company’s visual identity looks traditional and solid.
  • The logo, composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left, is executed in a classic red, black and white color palette, which got stuck to the brand in the 1950s and has never left the firm’s logo.
  • 1958 – 2003 The original logo of the insurer was designed in 1958 and featured a bold black wordmark in a sans-serif typeface on the right of the elegant architectural emblem.
  • The wordmark was placed in two levels, which made the whole logo look lighter and more balanced, as the lines of the letters were really thick.
  • It was a reflection of elegance, value of the company’s heritage and traditions.
  • 2003 – 2009 The redesign of 2003 touched only the wordmark.
  • Its is an elegant yet modern typeface with rounded and sleek shapes and distinct cuts and angles.
  • This version stayed with the company for six years.
  • 2009 – Today The current company’s visual identity is completely different from the previous ones.
  • It is composed of a black wordmark with a new modern emblem on its left part.
  • The red emblem is composed of two curved lines, which are placed around the “21st” part of the inscription and resemble a swirl, symbolizing progress and dynamics.
  • Font The wordmark is still executed in a sans-serif typeface, which is Myriad Pro SemiExtended SemiBold, but now it is more balanced and harmonized, having enough space between the letters.

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