Inspiration – 11 Logos To Hide From Kids Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

11 Logos To Hide From Kids

11 Logos to Hide From Kids

  • Have you ever felt like some logos should be age rated?
  • Such logos or ads catch your eye and conjure up emotions.
  • And yet, in some cases, it appears to be overdone.
  • Many of the logos you’ll see in this article are a mere blunder – the designers didn’t even notice the double entendre.
  • We’ve tried to find a company currently working under this name, but failed.
  • So it’s very likely it had to change not only the logo but the name, too.
  • The Brazil-based institute removed the logo when publications about its possible meaning appeared.
  • Junior Jazz Dance Classes That’s just two people dancing, right?
  • CatWear The logo belongs to a company selling clothes supposed to appeal to “Independent women.” Looks like these women actually don’t bother what someone could think about them.
  • We should point out, the “upgrade” was made by the author of the article published about the logo, while the real logo didn’t look that suggestive.
  • The Computer Doctors We can hardly believe this anatomic connotation appeared by mistake.
  • It would be interesting to find out whether it brought commercial success to the company.
  • Anyway, the center quickly noticed the blunder and introduced a new artwork.
  • By the way, as of 2019, it still uses the same emblem.
  • Interestingly, a spokesman for the organization claimed that the effect “was generic to the particular combination of the letters” and went on to explain that it was quite appropriate for “an organization that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend.” Moreover, a brand expert interviewed by the Daily Telegraph pointed out that while the sexual connotation apparently was a blunder, it could turn out to be “an added bonus” for the organization.
  • While a suggestive logo could offer some benefits for a commercial brand (as you saw in the previous example with A-Style), it could ruin the reputation of a serious organization.
  • While we don’t know the reasons, the branding blunder obviously didn’t help the OGC in any way.
  • If you had happened to be in Milan in 2000, you would have noticed this logo – the stickers could be seen on almost every traffic light around Milan.
  • Many magazines and newspapers (including GQ, Men’s Health, and Cosmopolitan) tried to trace the roots until its author, Marco Bruns, was eventually introduced to the public.
  • In fact, Bruns created the logo in the 1980s.

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