Inspiration – Ubs Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

evolution history and meaning, PNG

  • And yet, the result is a rather efficient and distinctive logo.
  • The keys have a pretty intricate design, with plenty of elaborate details.
  • Those at the top ends of the keys are functional (promising a higher level of security), while the decorative elements at the lower ends are reminiscent of medieval coats of arms.
  • In this way, the UBS logo represents the bank’s long history and heritage.
  • Font The type is formal, which seems perfectly appropriate for a company that deals with finance and wants to emphasize its reliability.
  • The founding date is April 1862.
  • It was then that Bank in Winterthur, the nucleus bank of UBS was established.
  • In fact, UBS is the result of multiple mergers and acquisitions.

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