Inspiration – Sprint Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Sprint logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Sprint Logo PNG One of the largest telecommunications companies in the US, Sprint Corporation has a bright and dynamic logo.
  • We can start the history of the Sprint logo from the logo of its predecessor United Telephone System.
  • From 1972 to 1987, its emblem sported a large black square made up of nine small squares.
  • 1986 — 1991 For almost two decades since 1987, the company was known as the Sprint Corporation.
  • The emblem was based on a square shape standing on one of its points.
  • The square was broken into two halves with the help of three horizontal lines.
  • In the older of the two logos (1986 — 1991), the emblem was paired with the wordmark “US Sprint” in light gray.
  • The brand was renamed Sprint Nextel Corporation and borrowed the black-and-yellow palette from its parent company.
  • According to Will England, Sr. Business Analyst at Spring, the emblem represented the pindrop.
  • It was supposed to remind that the company was the first all-fiber long-distance network in the US, which promised the calls so clear that a person could even hear a pin drop.
  • The glyphs, which were rather bold, had delicate serifs.
  • Font In comparison with the old logo, the current font looks lighter and more modern.
  • With its soft and elegant curves, lack of serifs, moderate proportions, it looks perfectly legible.
  • Colors The vivid, sunny yellow emphasizes the dynamism of the logo.

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