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Rakuten Logo

Rakuten logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • The e-commerce platform is considered to be one of the biggest in the world and has more than one billion users across the globe with its operations in almost 30 countries.
  • 1999 — 2017 The original logo of the company featured a solid red circle on a white background, just like the flat of Japan and its rising sun symbol.
  • The name of the corporation was written in Japanese on both sides of the emblem, using black color.
  • 2017 — 2018 The first redesign of the Japanese marketplace’s visual identity was held at the beginning of the 2000s.
  • It brought a more contemporary and powerful look to the company’s logo, accenting on progress and innovations.
  • The new Rakuten logo was composed of a black wordmark with a rounded emblem on its left.
  • The emblem was used as the brand’s signifier and as a web and mobile app icon.
  • The insignia of the platform depicted a red solid circle with a white letter “R” in the middle.
  • The signature “R” was written in a bold sans-serif typeface with clean strong lines.
  • 2018 — Today The latest redesign of the logo removed the black color from the palette, the circle was replaced by the new company’s symbol.
  • The global market’s catalog includes such categories as fashion, baby products, beauty items, electronic devices, goods for home and kitchen along with various accessories for cars and bikes.
  • The e-commerce platform ships orders to almost all the countries across the globe and has flexible delivery rates depending on the preferred service providing company.
  • As for the payment methods, the marketplace accepts all the possible credit cards along with PayPal and Alipay systems and bank transfers.
  • Being the home for more than 10 thousand of Japanese shops, Rakuten offers best deals on high-quality products, and has a perfect reputation across the world, providing the best customer support service and running discounts and special offers for its clients.

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