Inspiration – New Orleans Baby Cakes Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

New Orleans Baby Cakes Logo

New Orleans Baby Cakes logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • They compete in the Pacific Coast League and are affiliated with the Major League Baseball club Miami Marlins.
  • The team appeared in the Kansas City when the local club moved to Washington.
  • While the club’s original name was the Kansas City Blues, it has gone through around five names before adopting the current one in 2017.
  • So, that’s hardly a surprise that the New Orleans Baby Cakes logo depicts a baby appearing out of a cake.
  • Alternative emblem In addition to the primary logo, the team also has a series of secondary ones.
  • One of them is the crest comprising the emblems of the teams that were playing in the New Orleans earlier, the Pelicans and the Zephyrs.
  • Colors The combination of colors on the New Orleans Baby Cakes logo looks somewhat unusual for a baseball club.
  • Three of these colors, green, purple, and gold, are the traditional colors of the Mardi Gras king cakes.

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