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Lays Logo

Lays logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • 1932 — 1965 The first Lay’s logo was created in 1932 and is still a base of today’s visual identity design of the renowned brand.
  • It still consisted of a white lettering on a red background, but this time the shape of the red banner was stricter — a rectangle with rounded corners.
  • As for the red rectangular — it is gone, now the background repeats the shape of the nameplate.
  • The logo looks bright and eye-catching due to the red-white color combination, which is a reflection of warmth, passion, and energy.
  • 1997 — 2003 In 1997 logo gets an additional color — yellow.
  • The lettering is refined in more traditional lines and got a blue shadow.
  • The red background is now replaced by the red ribbon, drawn around the yellow sun.
  • It is the first version of the logo we all know today.
  • 2003 — 2007 In 2003 the lettering and the shape of the logo are slightly modified.
  • The lines of the emblem are cleaner and stronger now.
  • 2019 — Today The redesign of 2019 made the Lay’s logo flat again.
  • The badge, executed in intense yellow and red, with the white lettering on a banner, surrounding the yellow circle, still has some gradient shades, but they add more movement and dynamics than volume to the image.
  • Font and color The Lay’s white logotype from the logo, introduced in 2019, is written in a custom smooth typeface with elegant lines yet thick and confident lines.
  • The yellow and red color palette of the Lays logo is a representation of energy, power, and passion, and in combination with white, it evokes a sense of professionalism and reliability of the brand, which is concentrating on the quality and flavor of its product.

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