Inspiration – Hublot Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Hublot Logo

Hublot logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Hublot Logo PNG Due to the minimalistic color scheme, which includes only black and white, the unique shape of the Hublo logo seems even more prominent.
  • The brand was officially established in 1980.
  • The name of the brand comes from the French word meaning “porthole.” Emblem The main part of the Hublot watches logo is a stylized letter “H.” It’s formed by two vertical lines placed parallel to each other.
  • Due to this, the emblem becomes very unusual and highly memorable.
  • Font The simple sans serif type is based on square and rectangular shapes.
  • The glyphs themselves are rather traditional in terms of curves and angles.
  • Such fonts as Gotham Medium and Nexa Bold may look somewhat similar.
  • Monochrome logotypes are hugely popular in the world of beauty and fashion.

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