Inspiration – Bing Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Bing logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Bing Logo PNG The 2016 version of the Bing logo features teal letters and a stylized “b” on the white background.
  • Its smooth and wide letter-contours made the short word look solid and balanced, while the blue and yellow color palette evoke a sense of reliability and freshness.
  • It wasn’t actually used, but in several months a new logo looking somewhat similar to it was adopted.
  • The second 2013 logo was also yellow, but featured a different shade of the color.
  • The initial letter was lowercased, while the boomerang turned into a stylized “b.” 2016 – 2020 The yellow color of the Bing logo was switched to calm and intense green, and the first letter of the wordmark got capitalized, which added a professional and solid sense to the whole image, and showed the online search engine as a reliable and confident one.
  • 2020 – Today The Bing visual identity we all can see today is based on the Microsoft corporate style and boasts a four-colored square and simple gray lettering, consisting of “Microsoft Bing”.
  • The straight square, formed by four smaller ones in red.
  • Green, blue and yellow, today is placed on the logos of all company’s project, which created a wholeness of the brand and makes it stronger.
  • The letters, which were teal now, looked almost exactly as in the previous version, except for the “B” – it was capitalized.
  • Font The script logo features a customized variation of Microsoft’s corporate typeface called Segoe.
  • The choice of the font emphasized that the Bing logo is part of the Microsoft family.
  • The “i” and “n” look the same as in the Windows logo, while the cut on the top of the letter “b” resembles the “t” in the main Microsoft logo.
  • Color Since 2009, the emblem has gone through several color palettes.
  • The original blue and yellow color scheme was replaced by the yellow one in 2013.

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