Inspiration – American Lung Association Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

American Lung Association Logo
  • Download PNG American Lung Association Logo PNG American Lung Association is a foundation, whose main profile is research and fights with lung diseases.
  • The organization was established in 1904 and was focused on tuberculosis prevention.
  • The wordmark in all the capital letters is written in a rounded sans serif typeface with bold solid lines.
  • The tagline “Fighting for Air” is written under the nameplate and features smaller and thinner lettering.
  • The American Lung Association emblem is based on a Cross of Lorraine, just slightly modernized.
  • It is a historical remembrance of a “war” with tuberculosis, which was decided in 1902 on one of the initial Tuberculosis Congresses, which was held in Berlin.
  • The American Lung Association emblem uses a Scarlett red color, which adds energy and power to the logo.
  • The sharp angles of the symbol make it look strong and powerful, while the smooth lettering of the wordmark balances it.

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