Inspiration – San Jose Giants Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

San Jose Giants Logo

San Jose Giants logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG San Jose Giants Logo PNG The team whose current name is the San Jose Giants was established as the San Jose Bees in 1962.
  • Since that time they have played in San Jose, California, from time to time changing names and affiliations.
  • It’s a MiLB team, CAL, an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.
  • Their current primary mark which was also unveiled in 2000 consists of the same elements and has the same lettering style.
  • The logo features the “GIANTS” lettering across a white baseball with orange seams.
  • The word “Giants” is in black outlined in orange and with a shadow (3-D) effect.
  • The lettering “San Jose” in black capital letters is arched above the baseball, while the “Baseball Club” is placed below it in the form of an inverted arch.
  • The color scheme fully coincides with their parent team’s one and includes black, orange and cream.

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