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Petrochina Logo

PetroChina logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG PetroChina Logo PNG PetroChina is the name of the CNPC daughter business, which is one of the hugest energy providers of China.
  • CNPC is a government-managed company, which is on the top of the list of the most influential corporations in the world’s energy segment.
  • Meaning and history Being an arm of the huge CNPC, PetroChina’s visual identity is fully based on the logo of China National Petroleum Corporation.
  • The PetroChina logo features CNPC emblem with a nameplate beyond it.
  • The nameplate is executed in a custom italicized typeface with thick modern letter lines, that look strong and confident in black.
  • The emblem symbolizes the rising sun of China and uses the shades of the National Flag of the Republic of China — dark yellow and red.
  • The PetroChina logo is a tribute to the company’s heritage and background, perfectly reflecting the progressive and dynamic company and evoking a sense of energy, power, and strength.
  • The PetroChina logo is a graphical representation of how the label sees its future — bright and confident, and the petals of the CNPC flower are showing the core brand’s businesses.

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