Inspiration – Olympique Lyonnais Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Olympique Lyonnais Logo

Olympique Lyonnais logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Meaning and history the visual identity of the French club has always been very classy and traditional.
  • 1970 — 1980 The Olympique Lyonnais logo from 1970 was a very bright and strong emblem with a Royal character and courage.
  • The main element of the logo was a red rampant lion in a gold outline.
  • Executed in blue, they were also outlined in gold.
  • 1980 — 1989 The redesign of 1980 brought a new color palette to the club’s visual identity and modernized its contours.
  • The lion remained red, but both the football and the key were now executed in light purple.
  • The ball was more white, with only thin lines colored, while the “OL” lettering was bold and solid.
  • 1989 — 1996 In 1989 a completely new emblem was designed.
  • The new laconic logo was composed of two capital letters “OL”, executed in a geo-metric sans-serif typeface, with the white body and thick black outline.
  • The letters also featured a delicate shadow, which made the whole image even stronger.
  • 1996 — 2006 The traditional style and the lion rampant came back to the Olympique Lyonnais logo in 1996.
  • The top featured a red rectangle with the gold outline, and a capitalized nameplate, executed in a simple and clean sans-serif.
  • The logo of Olympique Lyonnais, created in 2006 is composed of a dark blue and red crest with a gold outline, two solid “OL” letters in white, the lion rampant placed in the middle of the “O” and a white wordmark, placed on a red background.
  • Featuring the colors of the French flag, outlines in gold, the club’s logo looks powerful and patriotic, reflecting the winning spirit of the players and their professionalism.

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