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Indian Airlines Logo

Indian Airlines logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Indian Airlines Logo PNG Indian Airlines was the oldest government-owned airline in India, established in 1953 for domestic and regional flights.
  • The company was Rembrandt’s in 2005, getting a new name – Indian.
  • Meaning and history 1953 – 2005 The original Indian Airlines logo was introduced in 1953 and stayed in use by the air carrier for more than half a century, which is a rare thing, but quite understandable, as that first emblem was unique and super stylish.
  • The badge featured an enlarged orange “IA” abbreviation with the bold “I” inclined to the right, creating a parallel with the left bar of the “A”, which is visually divided into three segments and has the middle one sifted to the right.
  • It is composed of a wordmark and a colorful emblem on its right.
  • The modern smooth sans-serif typeface of the English version is balanced by the ornate Hindu name.
  • It looks bright and stylish in orange, the main color of the brand’s palette.
  • The Indian Airlines emblem is composed of a plane-wing image in a brighter orange with a purple abstract drawing on it.
  • It symbolizes the sun, passion, and energy.
  • The symbol, used in the Indian Airlines emblem is a wheel from the Sun Temple at Konark.
  • The wheel is very significant for the company and country, it represents motion and Indian heritage.
  • The orange and purple color palette of the Indian Airlines logo is a reflection of creativity, positive approach and power.
  • There is also a touch of mystery, added by purple and a sacral symbol of the emblem.
  • It is a remarkable and modern logo, which makes the company recognizable and progressive.

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