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Ethereum Logo

Ethereum logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Ethereum Logo PNG Like many well-known logos, the original Ethereum symbol was developed at the last minute, without much preliminary work.
  • Its authors were Vitalik Buterin, who created Ethereum, and one of the early users, Texture.
  • Meaning and history The earliest Ethereum emblem was made of two summation symbols (∑) rotated to 45° to each side.
  • After the presale, a design contest was held.
  • The winning design was a modified version of the original Eth logo.
  • Symbol The symbol is built around a rhomboid shape (octahedron).
  • The rhomboid shape is separated from the two lower triangles by a white gap.
  • Font The wordmark featured the font called Roboto.
  • “Powered by Ethereum” insignia While both the symbol and the wordmark look very much like the classic Ethereum logo, they feature a different color.
  • They vary by color and typically feature the colors of the flag of the country where the meetup is held.
  • Alternatively, colors can be chosen to reflect cultural connections (i.e., rainbow pride).
  • Color The color scheme comprises white, black (HEX: 12100B), and several shades of grey.
  • The rhomboid eventually turns out to be the darkest of all the areas as more than one element overlaps here.
  • Additionally, there’s a dark shade of gold used for the “Powered by Ethereum” logo (HEX #KC3996B).

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