Inspiration – Decathlon Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Decathlon Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Today the brand has more than 1500 stores worldwide and is considered to be the world’s largest retailer in its segment.
  • Meaning and history 1976 – 1980s 1980s – 1990s 1990s – Today The word Decathlon is a competition with ten sport events.
  • The brand chose it as the name due to its universality.
  • The Decathlon logo is composed of a wordmark placed on a bright blue rectangular.
  • The all-caps lettering is executed in a bold and neat typeface, which is similar to Avant Garde Bold.
  • The white color of the nameplate creates a good contrast with the blue of the background and evoke a sense of energy and happiness.
  • The Decathlon logo is a reflection of brand’s vitality, generosity and friendliness.
  • It is a strong visual identity, which represent everything, that is important for the company and makes it stand out.

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