Inspiration – Pierce The Veil Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Pierce The Veil Logo

Pierce the Veil logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Meaning and history The debut album, ‘A Flair For The Dramatic’, featured the band’s name in a retro typeface.
  • The color pattern of the letters imitated wood making the resemblance even more obvious.
  • The Pierce the Veil logo seen on the cover of the ‘Selfish Machines’ album looked absolutely different from the previous wordmark in style and mood.
  • It was a combination of the three scripts comprising the Billhead family.
  • Some letters were taken unchanged, while others were modified.
  • Symbol The cover of the ‘Collide with the Sky’ album (2012) looked somewhat similar in style to the previous script logo, with its intricate details, but in fact, each letter was heavily modified and actually it was a completely new logo.
  • Misadventures emblem The ‘Misadventures’ album cover (2016) featured a different logo – simpler and more casual.
  • Taking into consideration that the three letters “e” and the two letters “i” were different from each other, it is natural to suggest that this was not an existing typeface but a hand-drawn lettering.
  • Font The Pierce the Veil wordmark that appeared on the cover of the ‘Selfish Machines’ album was a heavily customized version of the Billhead font family published by Letterhead Fonts.
  • All of them were inspired by period style billheads and letterheads.
  • It’s not that easy to detect the source font for all the other script logotypes, and it looks like in most cases it has been a custom artwork created from scratch.
  • Color The Pierce the Veil logo has been given in a variety of colors depending on the background and visual context.
  • The ‘Misadventures’ album cover is given in red and white, so the script logo is also red.
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